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Failure and maintenance method of automobile shock absorber

In order to make the frame and the vibration of the body decays rapidly, improve ride comfort and comfort, vehicle suspension systems are generally equipped with shock absorbers, widely used in automobile is the double acting telescopic shock absorber.
The shock absorber is used in the process of automobile spare parts, shock absorber work is good or bad, will directly affect the car stationarity and other parts of life, so we should make the shock absorber often is in good working condition. The following methods can be used to check whether the shock absorber works well.
1., the car in the road conditions of poor road, 10km stop, touch the shock absorber housing, if not hot enough to explain the shock absorber inside no resistance, shock absorber does not work. At this point, you can add appropriate lubricating oil, and then test, if the shell heating, then the shock absorber internal lack of oil, should be filled with oil; otherwise, the shock absorber failure.
2. press the bumper firmly and then release. If the car has a 2~3 jump, the damper works well.
3., when the car slowly moving and emergency braking, if the car vibration is more severe, indicating that the shock absorber problems.
4. remove the shock absorber and the lower end of the upright, the connecting ring clamped in a vise, pull rod vibration pressure several times, at this time should have a stable resistance to pull (recovery) resistance should be greater than the downward pressure resistance, such as resistance instability or no resistance, may damage internal shock absorber oil or the valve parts, should replace or repair parts.
After determining the problem or failure of the shock absorber, check whether the shock absorber is leaking or has traces of stale oil leakage.
The oil seal washer and the sealing washer are broken and damaged, and the nut of the oil storage cylinder cap is loosened. It is possible that the oil seal and gasket are damaged and new seals should be replaced. If you still can not eliminate oil leakage, should pull the shock absorber, if feel a hairpin or different time, then check the gap between piston and cylinder is too large, the shock absorber piston rod is bent, the piston rod and the cylinder surface is scratched or stretch marks.

What’s the difference between the shock absorber and the shock absorber in the car suspension system?

What does the damping system mean? A shock absorber in a car suspension system is usually made up of springs and dampers.. The counterparts are each wheel, one spring plus a damper cylinder… But there are also some cars with 1 springs, 2 damping cylinders, or 2 springs, 2 damped cylinders, and so on.. The function of a spring is to convert an impulse into an elastic potential energy. The role of a damped cylinder is to convert the elastic potential energy into heat energy.

Shared bicycles have a high scrap rate and should be recycled

The rubbish produced by vehicle scrapping is a kind of negative externality, which brings about the cost to society, but the enterprise itself does not bear the cost.
According to reports, the sharing of bicycles, known for its convenience and environmental protection, may be becoming an environmental killer. Shared bicycles are easy to wear and therefore have a high scrap rate. According to the statistics of China Bicycle Association, the sharing of bicycles will result in nearly 300 thousand tons of scrap metal, equivalent to the weight of five aircraft carriers. This number can be described as shocking.
In the discussion of business innovation, we always emphasize to tolerance, innovation of problems have long to look “attitude. However, the market regulation is slow, and it will take a long time for an industry to form a standard competition order. But if the government, or industry associations can take the lead in carrying out some necessary regulation and control, it can greatly reduce the regulation time from disorder to order, and reduce unnecessary efficiency losses.
Back to shared bike problems. At present, the market share of bicycle melee in full swing, a short time is difficult to compete for. From this point of view, we are enjoying the convenience of bicycles while we have to put up with the problems brought about by them.

3D print plastic spring shock high heels

Presumably many people have seen many fashion designers to show the 3D print shoes, but these shoes tend to focus only on its design, ignoring its function and comfort, and from Jerusalem College of art and design graduate degree Bezalel Soreq noticed this, recently launched a new 3D printing the shoes, the shoes not only in appearance with smooth lines, give a person with lively and youthful feeling, in the functional design also show ingenuity. According to Soreq, the biggest feature of this shoe is its spring shock heel, which feels like a cloud when you put it on.
3D print shock absorbing heels find a sense of roaming the clouds
This special shoes is how come? The original design, footwear Soreq began to experiment from the University for second years, and in the third year senior has focused on the use of 3D printing to realize their own ideas. At Bezalel, Soreq had finished his first 3D print shoe – even though it was just an attempt to get started. The design is by PinkFloyd classic album “DarkSideoftheMoon (the dark side of the moon)” inspired Soreq beyond simple vision or appearance in the application of this concept, but the effort will wear this pair of shoes experience with music to make a trip to the moon is linked up. This kind of shoes can also help people with problems in their knees and back
“I was inspired by the structure of the foot muscles of the body and the natural movements of the feet in different positions. The spring heel has a structure can play a role in the shock absorber, it will get a new experience in walking, not foot pain or feel pressure that feel like ordinary wear high-heeled shoes. This kind of shoes can also help people who have problems with their knees and back.” Soreq says.
The shoes are light and comfortable, and provide enough support for users

Cross border electricity supplier or steel export “shock absorber””

For the steel industry, the two sessions this year, worthy of concern, in addition to supply side reform, cross-border electricity supplier can not be ignored. In order to make the foreign trade driving demand for &ldquo in the process of traveling carriage for many years; run apart ” the national level, are trying to inject new vitality into the development of cross-border electricity supplier, came into being. 2015, in the overall performance of China’s foreign trade data is poor, the export growth of cross-border electricity suppliers but more than 30%, is gradually growing as a new impetus for China’s foreign trade.
And other industries are different, at present, the steel industry cross-border electricity supplier development is still in its infancy. There are only a few domestic iron and steel business platform related business dabble, steel prices, but also only a part of iron and steel enterprises, such as Baosteel and other cross-border electricity supplier in the field of action. In other words, the steel industry cross-border electricity supplier sector is still in a semi blank state, who first seize the air outlet, who will gain greater opportunities for development in the future. China’s steel exports have experienced increasing pressure in recent years, and the pressure for continued growth is growing. Facing the change of export environment of iron and steel industry, it is urgent to change the train of thought of development.
This time, to participate in cross-border electricity supplier business is a good choice.

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